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To know us

We cherish our original aspiration and dream.
We know well about every one of our members with a distinctive attitude.

Leqee’s culture

At Leqee, you can release your creativity, free your curiosity and devote your talent and skill to multiple fields; you’ll march side by side with frontier technology, create brilliance with your team and share your contribution to promote commerce.

Leqee’s benefits

Partnership with industrial masters
Top e-commerce operator with 12 years of experience in the field. Opportunity to work with numerous industrial experts.
Partnership with industrial masters to steadily move towards the leading position in e-commerce.
Help you grow
Over 10-year training system as an incubator for the fast growth of individuals
Open and transparent promotion mechanism to achieve whatever you dream about.
Enjoy Your Stay at Leqee
Two-day weekends, five social insurances and one housing fund, superior working environment and paid leaves are just normal benefits;
Enjoy more benefits like team bonding, parties, tours and hotpot!

We’re waiting for you

Eager to learn from well-established e-commerce operators and achieve fast growth?
Learn about our job vacancies and become part of Leqee!

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